With TENADO METALL 3D and TENADO METALL 2D you can now design with numerous industry-relevant tools and functions.

For metal construction , locksmiths and companies in the trades , metal technology or precision engineering: TENADO METALL 2D and TENADO METALL 3D are two independent CAD solutions, tailored to the metal trade. Each of them covers important task areas in the design process. See for yourself – in the video!

Like in the workshop Work material-oriented

The construction elements in TENADO METALL have the properties that your material in storage also has – shape, size, weight, specific material density and much more. Each construction automatically has all material properties with it at all times.

Operate intuitively

We speak metalworking

They are already familiar with the program, although they have never worked with it: bars and profiles are sawn through, sawed off, mitred or butt trimmed. Fillings are called surface material and perforated sheets. 

Get started intuitively

Getting started with TENADO METALL will be easy for you, even if you are used to other programs. This is ensured by our intuitive drawing tools, which will seem like old friends to you.

Reach your destination faster

Whether tutorials, instructional videos or our basic and advanced training courses here in Bochum: we will help you to get started quickly with TENADO METALL. If you have any questions, you can count on free support.